Friday, October 5, 2007

Ok, a bit repetitive. But you get the idea. Sorry, obviously I tried several times to post my picture link. There it is.

Turns out if I sit on the balcony or our apartment overlooking the city, I get a wireless connection. How grand is that? Grand! So it is Friday night here. Usually, I can't get to a computer at night. So this is so nice to be able to connect with family and friends on Sabbath when I am thinking about all of you the most.


Tyler said...

Yahoo, internet for free, and at home!. You're thinking about us!?! That's weird, cause I'm thinking about you right now too.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is cool that you found you can get online right there. God sent you a gift I would say. I would love to webcam with you and talk, if you would like. Miss you!!!


Anonymous said...

I love being able to visulize you sitting on your Balcony communicating with the outside world easier. The pictures with the comments helps us visulize your world. Happy Sabbeth. Hang in there honey,
Love ya, mom