Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hey everyone. I have posted some new pictures on my Flickr photo account. The link should be on the left side of this page. Something like, "View Heather Bo's pictures"? Anyways, check them out!

Also, have you read the book, "First They Killed My Father"? I am almost finished. My sister got in on Amazon.com. It paints such an incredible picture of the people here. I better understand why the people are the way they are. There are still so many fresh wounds in this country. But that is for another blog...


Ashley said...

The book is a really good way to see Phnom Penh and the people of Cambodia beyond your excellent descriptions here and in emails, Heather. Thanks for recommending it!

I looked through your pictures a couple of days ago while I was at work and had a little mini vacation myself :)

Love you.

Katie said...

Heather! I heard you met my friend Phil Gray! We went to high school together and I've kept up with his blog since he's been in Thailand. Every time I read it, I think of you, because you seem to have similar sentiments sometimes about the trials of SMing. It's so wild to me that you met him! When I heard he was going to Cambodia, I though "Man, it's too bad he doesn't know Heather and can't run into her!" and then it happened. Crazy. It sounds like you four had fun while he was there--I'm glad. :)