Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Autralia III

Today was a pretty uneventful day. But after my last two in the city, it was a welcome change.
Sleeping in past 4am has been nice. So we usually sleep late and then get going about 10 or 11am. Today it was raining, again! We tried to see some Australian wildlife, with no success. But we tried. I’ve done my best to spend as little money as possible because I don’t make much and Australia is really expensive. When I say expensive I mean it may cost $5 for lunch. Crazy!
So I’ve been taking in the sights and taking pictures. Tomorrow I hope to see the Art Gallery of New South Wales which has free admission and free Aboriginal dances at noon. I’ve already seen the free outside of the Opera house, the free Sydney observatory, and the free botanical gardens.
I have been taking in a lot of things around me without much time to fully understand. So here are my random thoughts in no particular order:
-Everyone ignores me hear and it is beautiful.
-I’ve been riding the train every day. Yesterday I saw a man, sitting alone, eating 2 huge chicken legs and a gallon of whole milk. He looked really lonely so I tried to smile at him. But just as any big city, no one makes eye contact, so instead, I just went back to my book.
-I feel skinny here. I’ve been living in a country where the average size for girls is a 0. I’m back in a country where people look healthier and capable of possibly not collapsing if asked to jog a quarter mile.
-Are the trends in the States as crazy as those in Australia? Everyone here looks like they got dragged straight out an 80’s music video kicking and screaming. Everyone wears leggings or tights or those jeans that are tight around the ankles. The boys have mullets and mohawks. Everyone is wearing these long sweaters that look like bath robes. What is going on?
-Can we please talk like the Australians? “G’day this is my mate Geoffrey. Would you like to have heaps of laughs and join us for tea?” (Ok so I can’t illustrate the accent but it’s great!) Tea is not tea. Tea is supper. If someone invites you for tea, you don’t need to eat first. I know now from experience.
-Lemmingtons, the famous Australian cakes, aren’t that good. But I do like that Vegemite stuff, a brown yeast spread.
-Australians are smart to have one room for the toilet and another room for the sink and other things. Yet another thing the Australians are doing right! I think I could live here, with friends or family of course.
-It is kinda cool that I have 4 different currencies in my wallet. I have US dollars, Malaysian money, Cambodian money, and Australian money!

I fly out Saturday morning. I’m not sure if I can blog before then. But indeed Monday will find me right back in 95 degree temperatures, teaching, and sticking out in a culture I still don’t understand. Pray for me. I feel a bit cultured out. Between the US to Cambodia, Cambodia to Thailand, Thailand to Cambodia, Cambodia to Malaysia, Malaysia to Cambodia, Cambodia to Australia, and then back again. I feel like I have no home. Today I sat at the train station, alone, and watched a woman return home from her commute to a warm, waiting car I assumed was driven by her husband. I watched as they kissed and no doubt headed home. I want a home.


Katie said...

I have to comment on your notice of the trends, because you put it so well! Yes, those things are fashionable here as well, especially the skinny jeans and mullets, but it's not so noticeable around Union, fortunately!

You're in the home stretch, Heather. You can do it. :)