Monday, August 11, 2008


I've basically been a hermit since I've been home. At first I felt bad, now I really don't. This is what I have needed. But little by little, I've been getting out more, which has been surprisingly good.

Last week, I played tennis with my good buddy Michael Beans. We played in the rain for awhile, then went back to my house and watched Oprah. Now, that's a good friend. (Never heard back from Oprah by the way. She is definately off my "potential friends" list.) He's headed to Union this fall and I'm thrilled. He's like a little brother to me. He has so much potential. He's good at absolutely everything he does, though I'd love him just as much if he was awful at everything he did. He has a very thoughtful spirit.

On Thursday, my old friend Jon and I got together. We met when we both worked at a smoothie shop in highschool. We went to an acapella concert and then later to Dazbog coffee shop. I suggested Starbucks because it was on the way home. He said, "Heather, don't give in to paying the big man!" My response was, "Dazbog is a corporate chain too ya know!" Still, it made me think. Another day we went and tried Bikram hot yoga. It was intense! There was a room of a dozen or so people and the heat was cranked up to atleast 90+ degrees. I immediately felt overdressed. People basically do yoga in their swimsuits. We got really wet. Within the first 10 minutes of simple breathing exercises, I had sweat dripping from my elbows! It was tough, but I did feel great afterwards and more flexible too. We shared pictures from the last year of our lives. He is headed for the millitary. We usually see eachother about once a year. It's strange really. Jon isn't my type of friend. I like a few really close friends. But I hardly know Jon. I mean, I learn more whenever we hang out, but it isn't awkard and we always find fun things to talk about. He loves adventure. He brings out the spontaneous side of me. Great guy, headed out to save the world.

On Friday I had the pleasure of dining at Qdoba with my old basketball coaches from highschool, Keith and Rob. They've been friends for a few decades and it shows. They intently listened to what's been on my mind and made me feel less crazy. We laughed together. These are wonderful people who really care. Devoted, is a good word to describe them.

I had a bunch of close friends and family over on Friday night. I cooked Indian food, or atleast my version of what I was taught. It turned out good. I wondered if any of them had ever eaten Indian food, they had, yet it was still darn good. I made two different curries, dhal, creamed spinach with garlic, and chipatis. Yum! Then I showed a bunch, 500 to be exact, of my photos from Cambodia. I thought that was a lot, but it was fun to show to people and at the end, Kevin said, "That's it? No more?" It felt good to be a little better understood.

Yesterday I met up with Eric, a wonderful friend from highschool. He is headed off to Egypt in 2 weeks. We wandered around the Denver zoo and talked about, oh, everything! Deep stuff, shallow stuff, family, relationships, goals for the future, spirituality. As I sat listening to him, I realized, "Now this is church!" We are people with common beliefs discussing what matters most to us. I could've sat there for hours. Eric is one of the most driven, intentional, disciplined people I know. He'll do well.

I feel very blessed for these inspiring people in my life. It is their encouragment and joy that has been missing from my life for awhile. I have been able to visit and spend time with some really wonderful people since I've been home. I feel like my family has grown since I've been gone. I was able to start and even restore friendships I never expected to have. For many it was about finding common ground. "Ahh, you are human and struggle? Me too!" Fast friends.

I chatted online with Tim and Fay last night. They are currently in the air, probably some where over the Pacific ocean. I have been so relieved to be back, I can't even imagine going back. They get 7 weeks off, then return to the craziness that they still manage to call, 'home'. They are so brave and dedicated. As they return to their lives and I return to mine, I can't help but think, "Ok, what now?" At times, I've thought things couldn't possibly get worse. Other times I'm amazed that life still gets better and better.