Friday, November 14, 2008

Staying Informed

While I was in Cambodia I wrote a blog to keep family and friends updated. Now, on this side of the globe, I spend a lot of time answering emails to keep my students updated.

This week, I was able to call Kagna and Leeta on Skype. I was so excited to hear their voices and see their beautiful faces on my computer screen. These are my girls. I miss them a lot.

Between Skype calls and emails, here's the latest from Cambodia:
-Polly swears the second year is SO much easier than the first. School is great, the people are getting used to her white skin, she's doing well. Through gritted teeth and a jealous tone I say, "I'm so happy for you."

-Fay got her bumper knocked off by a wreckless tuk-tuk driver. Wait, nevermind, they are ALL wreckless. He kept driving and so did she. She'd lose more money by sticking around. She's so tough. She moves on. Fay and Tim are plugging along, as usual. They are the bravest people I know.

-Cambodia Adventist school is now in operation in the new building that I only got to look at. There 3 levels, regular electiricity, tile floors, it's clean, ahhhhh....Yeah, NOW they are in. Still, I'm glad.

-My students apparently hate their new English teacher, but I know they are just saying that because they don't want me to feel like they don't miss me. I tell them it's ok to like their new teachers. They aren't budging.

-Kagna has been busy with school and keeping a very persistant 30-year-old guy at arms reach. He calls her and texts her and wants to spend time with her. She emailed me last month, "Ms. Bo I need a boyfriend, not an uncle!" Then she told me that Leeta has been sending him mean text messages so, maybe he'll get the hint. She said, "Don't worry, I gave him your cell phone number instead. Maybe you'll like him!"

-Leeta is a senior, anxious, and ready to get out of CAS and change the world, which I'm positive, she will.
"HI MIsS Bo happy birthday!!! i sent you 1 big hug.i miss you alot.HEy if you want a gift from me please come in my dream.if you come in my dream i'll show you a wonderful place that full of grammar and beautiful things...
i wish you will have alot of boyfriends and the most beautiful girl in wherever you go...
That's all that she asks me to write to you..
BYe y dearest.

-Sear writes me long, wonderful emails about the love of his life, whom I promised to never say her name out loud. He writes, "Ms.Bo, how can I tell her I want to hold her hand? I don't like it when she talks to other boys. I like her a lot." He's coming along.

-Ratana is now in 9th grade and working hard at school, then hard at her job after school. She wrote me an entire email about watching the butterflies in her classroom and how happy she is to feel like she goes to a 'real' school now. Most of the kids have a new found pride in school now that they are put in an environment that tells them they are worth it.

-Dinah is pregnant and moving with Chheangley to Malaysia. Angie and Sockha are getting married next month. JC has a girlfriend that is, "too fat".

-Vandeth got kicked out of school for doing drugs the kids call "ice". He was living in the dorm. He has no family. I have no idea where he is now.

-The boys tell me about a fight at the Cambodia/Thai border. They have been figthing over the Preah Vihear temple, both sides claiming ownership and no one about to back down. Cambodia doesn't need another war. They are just starting to rebuild from the last one. Two Cambodian soldiers have been killed and Thailand says, "We are ready for war". My boys are scared they'll be told to go fight.

-Ross and Kamrong are pregnant with their second child and ready to make the move to Australia.

And here I sit, listening, writing, thinking, and feeling so far from them, for obvious reasons. A large part of me will always remain there.