Monday, March 23, 2009

8 minutes

Here it is, an 8 minute blog.

I'm headed out the door for Intro to Teaching class with none other than R.J. Sclerosis (name changed to It is the first day back from spring break.

Spring break was...the best I've ever had and last year I was in Australia. I flew to Tennessee to be with Jeremy. He is working there as a graduate assistant in the Outdoor Leadership program to get his Masters. Not too shabby.

I got to meet fabulous people there that make up his friends and community: old teachers, high school friends, new friends, teachers in the OL program, and more. I went to his church. We took a vertical caving class together, yes, I now have a certificate to prove it. Apparently I am in the top 1% of cavers who can enter and ascend a vertical cave, versus a horizontal cave you just walk into. No really, I'm dang proud.

We got to play outside together, get dirty together, and smile, a lot, together. I really like this guy. Several times I found myself thinking, How did this happen? How did I end up so lucky to be with this guy?

We played games with friends, got dressed up and went on a date, and just hung out together. It was so good. It was vital for me to get out of Nebraska and forget about school and deadlines and exams for awhile, for awhile.

Alas, now I am back. School is not my favorite. But while away I was reminded who I am.

I am not these classes.
I am not the attitude and stubbornness of my teacher.
I am not, at my core, the stressed out, tired, and weak student I masquerade as most of the time.
I am not the drama that can be a college campus.
I am not the beauty contest that takes place here every day either.
I am not the perfectly put together human who is always on top of things, assignments, and responsibilities.

I am just not.

I am a calm person.
I am a forgiving person.
I am flexible.
I am playful.
I can make fun a priority, just as much as any other human need.
I can nourish my body and soul.
I can take deep breaths and walk slow.
I can soak it all up like sponge.
I can take what comes with open arms instead of rejecting what I don't like.

I can be.


caitlyn brianne said...

I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you while you were here. Besides my wave to you through a window of a moving truck. I'm taking Rope Tech right now and when I heard Jeremy say you took Vert I was so excited for you!!! Ivan and I took it together last year and had a blast. I don't know why but I was so so excited that you got to take it and had an awesome time!!!! I am so sorry though that I didn't get to see you longer but I know you had great fun with Jeremy. ;) anyways I won't take up any more of your time ;) I'm headed to bed

by the way I read your blog everyday, I just love reading how you are and you encourage me. have a great tuesday!