Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catch Up

This made me feel a lot better, thanks to Jeremy. I feel a little less like a chump, always a good thing.

I spent Saturday with my good friends Samantha, Rachael, and Katelyn and her fiance Mike. They are wonderful together. Mike kindly drove an estrogen filled Honda all the way to Kansas City, graciously accepted gifts at the wedding shower of chatty women, and patiently endured our silly conversations the whole 3 hours back. Katelyn and Mike are good together. Sitting at the wedding shower, looking around at the broad spectrum of couples, and listening to a woman give advice to the my friends, I realized how neat the cycles of life are. Weddings remind married couples of the vows they took. New babies make us all giggly and silly. Birthdays remind us to cherish the years we've had and the place we are at. Death reminds us to slow down and enjoy what we have.

I wonder sometimes if I could commit crimes better than the idiots on TV, is that weird?

This summer I'm working at Indian Creek summer camp as the sports coordinator. I get to play sports with kids all summer: basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, I'm thrilled.

I think I still have bugs in my tummy. Talking to Samantha, an SM friend who spent last year in El Salvador, she says she doesn't have a regular appetite anymore and upon inspecting her blood in a microscope, she can see the little swimmers hanging out. Oy.

Next week's vespers is the hanging of the Golden Cords ceremony at Union college. Every SM or task force hangs a cord from Nebraska to the place they served. It's a nice idea to commemorate our experience, but it all seems a bit anti-climactic considering where I was sitting a year ago. Is this it?

A teacher at Union seems threatened by me. I make him uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether to feel sorry or thrilled.

My sister is my best friend. Yeah, that's right, my best friend. I'm not sharing. Get your own.

Why is it that we are talented, skilled, and down right professionals at noticing the bad things in our lives, and completely overlooking the good? I'm completely enamored with Post Secret. You will be too.

Have you ever taken this quiz? It just might change your life. I'm 15.3. How old are you? Take the Real Age quiz here.

I might be able to live off-campus next year, yippeee.

My blue bicycle made a debut today. I sped down hills and over sidewalk cracks. I pretended to be a superhero/tyrant, I'm not sure which yet. Either way, a good time was had by all...of me.

I'm a certified Zumba instructor. I start teaching officially in September when I am back to school. It's like Latin Jazzercise, but cooler. I like it because it gets women of the treadmill and it's fun. Check it out, but be warned, I don't have those abs, those moves, or that attitude. I just like to shake it.

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How do you say... AWESOME MENTALITY! Thanks for the reality check