Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eleven minutes

As a human being of planet earth, I have an annoying, frustrating habit of acknowledging all the negatives in my life. I want to become more aware of the good. And so now, all the good I can fit into eleven minutes.

I'm glad I woke up this morning...

-because I haven't binged and been tempted to purge in awhile. Waking up hungry is so cool. Waking up hungry for nourishment, hungry for opportunities, hungry for people, hungry for life. Never gets old. Nope, not at all.

-because last night on the phone Jeremy and I talked, as usual, thus constituting a long-distance relationship. We did some dreaming. We dreamt about jetting around the world, finding an island to call our own, spearing fish (his contribution, not mine), cooking over a fire, and sleeping under the stars. I'll admit my dream would more likely involve India, Africa, or Greece, but we'll start here. He'll come around.

-to stretch, breathe deeply, do a few Sun Salutations to start the day, and a bit of Shamatha-Vipashyana meditation, compliments of Pema Chodron's book, Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living. Recent truth, "Develop softness and compassion towards yourself. Anything that comes up is okay in the area of meditation. The point is you can see it honestly and make friends with it." Hmmm, truth...

-because it is bound to be 58 degrees according to and we could all use a little sunshine.

-because I have legs, arms, all five senses, hair, teeth, skin, freckles, lungs, a wonderfully performing heart, liver, kidneys, all the incredible contributions that keep me alive and I hardly give second thought to.

-because tomorrow I get to attend the Amnesty banquet at UNL. Yippeee. More on that later, I'm sure.

-because water came gushing out of my faucet and I never had to hold my breath, just hoping it would.

-because I'm getting a grasp on classes now that there are 4 weeks left in school and as much as I've complained this semester in school has not killed me and won't any time soon. M.J. Sclerosis went out of his way to come and make a joke with me today, OUT OF HIS WAY! He's trying. Oh yes, he is. There's a little human buried in there somewhere. I'm sure of it. Today, he mentioned his daughter and I wouldn't let him off the topic: "Where is your daughter? Do you have other children? This all must imply that you have a heart then right?" Too far. I know.

-because a guy a barely know, whom has no interest in me at all said, "Heather, you always look...nice." I like knowing I'm not the girl on campus who tries to show as much as possible to get attention.

-because I wrote a song this week, called...umm...called....I'll work on that and get back to you. Its goes something like this.
"What scares me the most, is not the thunder.
What scares me the most, is not the dark.
What scares me the most, is not a war.
What scares me the most, is me."

It's a good start. We'll see how it finishes since I'm singing it Friday night. Ha.

-because I could've been put with a boring, uninspiring teacher for my observation hours, but instead I get to spend time each week with an young, intentional, exciting English nerd at Northeast. We tell grammar jokes. Yup, it's good.

-because I don't have a ton of friends, but I have a few wonderful, pursposeful, fun, insightful friends.

-because the summer is near, I can smell the lemonade.

-to continue learning grace, peace, contentment, intentionality, love and all the things that make my day worth living.