Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recyled air and Big Franks

I'm not a big fan of airports.

I think I would have a different opinion of airports, if like malls, I could just go and sit and watch people, when I'm not traveling. Can you imagine working at an airport? No one has time to talk, everyone is rushing around, hurrying off to catch a plane. People come and go, no real consistency. People getting mad at you for the airline's mistake, re-routing, delays, missed flights, screaming babies, tearful good byes.

I'm not a big fan of flying.

Popped eardrums, recycled air, a melting pot of body odor, perfume, and that man's tuna sandwich with mayonnaise dripping onto your arm rest. Yeah, you get the picture.

Yesterday I arrived at the Philadelphia airport with Jeremy in hand. After 2.5 months enjoying what I imagine normal couples call a short-distance relationship, we went back to our long-distance one. After a summer of holding his hand, seeing his smile, and sharing life, the alternative...well, it sucks.

If there are positives to flying, they include:
-getting to see a new land
-observing people

and personally...
-time to think.

It seems that flying offers transition. Usually, we walk from place to place without a holding tank in between, that's what a plane is. You walk in, sit awhile, and walk out in a new place. I get time to think and read and write, when my sinuses aren't clogging with that over-sanitized plane smell.

So as the prospect of a few, restful days at home was looking wonderful, I found out I am having some dental surgery tomorrow. Dangit. My gums are retreating from my teeth. Apparently, slicing my gums with a laser should do the trick and I'll be feeling great and less puffy in a week. Grrrr.

I have finished my book. That is right Honestly, I'm Struggling by Heather Bohlender will be published and sold in Adventist Book Centers everywhere come 2011. Oh boy. Just think, right next to the Big Franks you can pick up all 196 pages and 59 chapters of my book. I'll even sign it for you, ya know, for when Oprah calls me up. Any day now.

Landing in Colorado, I'm at peace. This is home. This is familiar. Those are my mountains. This is my bed. This is my family. Man, I've got it good.


caitlyn brianne said...

i am so excited to get your book Heather!! im glad you're doing good. have a great year!