Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Child

Dear Child,
It's okay to be tired. It's okay to be weary. Rainy days bring damp hair and damp spirits. Who are you trying to impress anyway? Nourish your body. Chocolate chip cookies don't count. Eat some broccoli first. Release your mind to wander and wonder.
Dare to think about something other than oocytes and cell mitosis. Dare to think about something other than your list of to-do's that will never really be done, you just keep adding to it anyway. That's hardly fair. Who does that? When you finally catch that carrot, at death, will you be truly satisfied anyway?
Dare to worry less about what she wants or what she thinks about you. Dare to love deeper. Dare to be kind to yourself, even when it feels like you are the last person on planet earth who deserves it. Dare to sleep well. Dare to skip a work-out. I dare you.
It's going to be all right. It always is. Every time you've hit THUD on the pavement burdened by responsibility, homework, and everything you "should" be, life goes on with or without you. You've never been incapable of standing up again, it takes less and less time in fact. Life flows in cycles and swirls that are unpredictable, yet educational. Take the hint babe: You've been here before. You've done this before. What worked last time? What didn't work? Paralyzation didn't work, but deep breaths did.
Take some deep breaths. Every other mountain you said you'd never conquer, you have. Every single change you thought you'd never get through, you did. Every other stage of life you felt would last forever, didn't.
Yeah, I have faith in you. You should too.



wagner israel cilio iii said...

today i did very little--other than snack on unhealthy, greasy foods, all. day. long.

i wasn't productive, i wasn't cheerful, and i wasn't happy. i've felt full most of the day, full of self-loathing.

i think that someday i'll be able to write the sort of letter to myself that you posted here. i hope i learn to think that way, because right now, i'm more likely to lecture myself with "you need to be better" instead.

Carley Brown said...


I'm always sad if I dont see new posts every few days. Your posts are something I sincerely look forward to reading every time. I'm glad you posted.. I was having a hard time being patient for my next 'Onward' dose. This letter was so creative and so true. I almost want to print it out. And btw.. I hope you let me know about your book, I'll buy it.
I think your amazing. Even my connection is only web based.


Michael said...

I needed that today since it hasn't been much better than yesterday. Thank you.

Jessica said...

Thanks for that post Heather. Now I just need to remind myself what it's saying. Every... day. :) It, too, can be done.

Anonymous said...

isn't it about balance? i hear your voices from opposite ends of the spectrum, as it were, both speaking truth-- relax, be at peace. be better, come a little higher. both are good, in season. both are true.