Friday, September 4, 2009


"I've had it! I am not going to work tomorrow. I refuse," Ashley rants, treading circles in the kitchen. She looks at me exhuastedly, "I can't go back to that place. I'm not going back tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day. They can't make me!"

She pounds her fist into the kitchen counter for emphasis as Ben and I look on.

Stillness looms in the room, until Ben says boldly, "Me neither."

Ashley peers at him as though he is the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes upon. "Really?"

"Yeah! I'm not going back to work either. I'm sick of work. Let's stay home!"

Picking up speed they are only feeding off of each other at this point. I call both of them tyrant rebels and walk away rolling my eyes. It's Friday and Monday is Labor Day. They really aren't the bad asses they like to think they are.

Meet my roommates, Ben and Ashley. I've known Ashley for about 22 years now and we've only been close friends for about the last 3. She might tell a different story, but don't let her fool you. She was an obnoxious and bossy older sister, "No, YOU be the veterinarian this time. I want to bring in the pretend puppy!" or "Get out of my room you brat." Yeah, she's been the punk in this sister-ship for as long as I can remember. Through 22 years of bad breath, bad makeovers, and bad attitudes, we've managed to rescue a relationship that I can only describe as perfect. Ashley is my best friend and well, I take Ben because he stole her and forced his last name on her.

I remember the first time Ashley brought Ben home to Colorado. I was not a fan. Sometimes I'm still not a fan, but for entirely different reasons, like when he takes too long in the bathroom or makes me fumble over my words when I contradict myself and hope no one notices. Ben walked into our house in Colorado and the first thought that came to mind was, "Who the heck is this goober Ashley brought home? What a dork." Yeah, I might've judged too quickly, but come on, have you met Ben? He picked up very quickly that I was not about to start a Ben fan club, and took to calling me Archy a.k.a. Arch-Enemy before the weekend was over. I thought I was hiding it well, apparently, I've always been too honest about my emotions.

Basically after several years of observation and harsh criticism, I've decided he is perfect for Ashley in every way. And I'll call him family too. Ben is wise. He listens, amazingly well. Like, hard to believe he's a guy sometimes, "well." He cares about people. He cares about women. He doesn't project some annoying macho persona of perfection and dominance, instead, he's kind, he works hard, but he doesn't desperately seek affirmation from others, because I'm almost convinced, he's okay with who he is. He takes care of people. He communicates well. He loves Ashley and it shows.

Ben and Ashley have been married for 3 years. They just might be the cutest married couple I know. They talk to each other as if they love each other. They talk kind even when they're tired. She'll call from the kitchen to Ben in the living room, "Sweety?"

"Yes," I usually answer before Ben can respond. She's a doll like that.

They laugh. They make fun of each other. They're silly. They pray together. They watch Lost episodes. They do Sudoku. They just fit together.

Why they let me move into their home and raid their space, I may never know. It's like their doing parenting backwards letting this college aged ball of emotions into their home, to which they've replied, when their kids reach college, that's when I'll take over the parenting, since they've already done it once afterall. That's fair. I am a hand full.

I can be moody. I can be quiet. I can be angry. I can be who I am and it seems to be okay with them. Whether I'm fed up with religion, my classes, humanity, or myself, they listen, they care, they love.

I've never met two individuals with so much love and understanding. If you're thinking to yourself, I need a Ben and Ashley. Where can I get one? Maybe she' share. Well, that's where you'd be wrong, because I don't like to share. They're mind. Get your own.

Unfortunately, they are equally loving and caring to everyone they meet, so I guess I can't actually stop them from befriending people, just know that they come home to me at night.

Muah ha ha.


Michael said...

So where should one look for another Ben and Ashley :p

Michael said...

So where should one look for another Ben and Ashley :p

Katie said...

they're pretty much my faves. i miss 'em.

Ashley said...

Love you, sister. Always will.

Even when you won't be the veterinarian.

Justin said...

I really enjoyed this entry, Heather! I love the dialogue and sarcasm. And... I love the reference to Lost. ;-D