Monday, October 12, 2009


We watched an outdated educational video in class tonight. Weird bangs, sweater vests, and large glasses graced the screen as 4th graders talked about their different kinds of families. The video was aimed affectively at middle schoolers and hoped to illustrate the wide variety of different families: single parent, different religions, different races, divorce, grandparents/guardians, adopted children, and gay parents.

He said: "This video should not be shown in the Adventist schools you'll teach in."

First problem, he assumes we are all going to teach in Adventist schools. Second problem...well...

I said: "This might seem a silly question, but why not?"

He said: "Ha. Because Adventists do not endorse homosexual behavior of course."

I said: "I realize that, but I still don't understand why it should not be shown in an Adventist school."

He said: "Adventists as a whole are homophobic and we would not want to cause a stir."

I said: "What is your opinion on it? Do you think this video should be shown in an Adventist school?"

He said: "Well, if I didn't believe it, I wouldn't have said it."

I said: "Okay."

He said: "As Adventists we shouldn't condone such behavior."

I said: "Should we also then stop teaching about war in our history textbooks since we also do not condone killing? Should we pretend evolution does not exist and leave it unmentioned because we don't want to 'condone' such behavior?"

Much back peddling and avoidance occurred at this point and I was left feeling again, unheard. It feels, as a whole, that Adventists in particular tend to just avoid subjects that are uncomfortable.

He said: "The Adventist church's stance on homosexuality is much like the millitary's: Don't ask, don't tell."

Do I really want to claim a church whose stance is: "Don't ask, don't tell." I realize it depends on which Adventist you ask, but this teacher's brand of religion I'd rather not ever taste.

At the end of class the girl sitting next to me looked straight at the ground, whispered, "Thank you," got up, and walked away.

Pretending hasn't gotten me anywhere.
Avoidance only makes things worse.
I've never been the passive-aggressive type and I have a difficult time understanding the motives of those who are.

Honesty and transparency have brought me here and I feel like it's a good place to be. If I spend the rest of my life blabbing to everyone everything that makes me weird, wrong, and broken, I think that would be totally worth it. Because as I've seen time and time again, the person sitting next to you might not have had the strength to say it outloud, but will be forever grateful that you did.


Hannah said...

I really appreciated this post.

Anonymous said...

this is why we need you.....

this is why i need you.....

Michael said...

Way to go :)

Carley Brown said...

I wish I would've been there. I would've loved it.

Go you. Making a stance