Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get to Know Lincoln

There are few things better than getting paid to do things I already enjoy. Such as writing for The Clocktower, Union college's school newspaper. I actually look forward to doing my job.

For the benefit of my mom and a dear woman from church, I'll post a few articles I've written this year.

Get to Know Lincoln

Yes, you are a student at Union college. Yes, you might have never thought you’d end up in…Nebraska. You’ve heard all the jokes. But here’s the deal, there is hope. Sure, the entertainment may look different in the Midwest, but the great plains require a certain amount of creativity when it comes to having fun.

First of all, enjoyment is a state of mind. Lincoln is not a huge city. Lincoln is not a beach town. But Lincoln has plenty of offerings if you are willing to keep an open mind.

Let’s go for a tour. For the most part, the streets running east and west are lettered: A street, B street, and so on. Streets running north and south are numbered: 27th, 56th, etc. And the only street in Lincoln that runs diagonal, is called Normal, go figure.

For starters, walk across 48th street. You will find the Mill, a great study spot/coffee shop.

From here head down South street to 17th for some home made and locally owned eating, Grateful Bread. This place serves up a wide variety of vegetarian soups and yummy cheese scones.

Another fun and different food option in Lincoln is the Thai house, located on 27th street, north of Grateful Bread about 10 minutes. Don’t be misled. It may look run down and questionable on the outside, it is on the inside too, but the food is delicious. They can make any curry, soup, or entrĂ©e with meat or tofu, and their tom yam soup is spicy and delicious.

Now down to the historic Haymarket, a neat area of shops and restaurants. Any wise and traveled Unionite will tell you: You must go to Ivanna Cone. This place makes their own natural ice cream from scratch, plus, it’s located right near lots of other fun options.

For example in the very same building is fun place called, Paint Yourself Silly. They offer unfired pottery just waiting to be painted and decorated by none other than, yourself.

Across the hallway is Indigo Bridge, a funky and community-focused bookstore chock full of great reads and great drinks.

The Art walk takes place the first Friday of every month. On this evening many of the art galleries open their doors, live music drifts from coffee shops, and locals fill the streets.

While you’re downtown, head toward the University of Nebraska Lincoln, or UNL. This is a great place for entertainment. Between the Lied performing arts center and Mary Piepma Ross theater, UNL offers plenty of events and independent films to keep you busy.

Across town, Southpointe mall hosts a plethora of shops and restaurants. Here you can find Chipotle, Noodles & Company, Red Robin, Taco Bell, and Panera.

Before it gets chilly, head to the wide variety of parks that Lincoln has to offer. Pioneers park is 900 acres of trees, grass, and room to breathe.

Whatever you need, may it be some questionable, but tasty curry or just a place to relax with friends, Lincoln can be whatever you make it.