Saturday, January 2, 2010


I don't blog much over holidays. Too much to do. Too much to relax. Too much to catch-up on: sleep, sanity, peace, Oprah. Here's a little update.

I drive back to Nebraska tomorrow. Which means I can no longer sleep for 10 hours each night. I probably can't do whatever I want all the time either.

Jeremy is here. This makes me happy. We see each other a few days this month, then maybe in February. Long distance is hard. Short distance is good.

My parents are wonderful. Yesterday, we did Zumba together. We shook our tooshies to some Latin beats. Good bonding time.

Today is Saturday, or Sabbath. Whatever you want to call it. I'm going to church, but I don't feel like I have to. For some reason it's easier in Colorado where people know my name.

I have a wonderful family. They came over and we had brunch. I jumped on the snowy trampoline with my little curly top cousins. We de-thawed and played Pit.

I don't have celiacs disease, this is good.

I took my parents and Jeremy to hot yoga. They liked it.

I've been doing a lot of gluten-free/vegan cooking. I'm not half-bad. If you're lucky I'll make you some delightful treats I've been experimenting with.

I miss playing piano. Played for an hour or so last night. Sang out. Slept well.

For the first time ever, I kissed a boy at midnight on New Year's Eve (kissing my Dad on the cheek doesn't count people. Not any more. Muah ha ha!).

I bought a pair of skinny jeans. Please don't judge. Rachael, I know we said we never would, but you broke down first. Apparently, "everyone" in southern California is wearing them. For fear of looking like a marshmallow standing on toothpicks, I'm only going to wear them with boots. Deal.

Last night Jeremy and I made vegan, gluten-free saag paneer and dahl makhti. Yes, that's right.

See the movie "Invictus." Wow. Morgan Freeman was amazing. Now I want to learn more abuot Nelson Mandela.

My dogs are getting old. Trinket walks and bumpts into things. She fell into a window well last week. They can't hear either. They are like two little old, blind, deaf people holding hands through the trials of life. They've been around for 17 years, I suppose that's to be expected.

I need home.
Home is good.
But life goes on.



Katie said...

jeremy must reeeaaaallly love you. high school jeremy would have loudly and passionately protested vegan, gluten-free indian food he couldn't pronounce. i'm happy for you both.

and i don't know how you do the long distance, heather, seriously. israel's been gone two weeks (okay, a week and five days) and i am going crazy without him. it's a little ridiculous. granted, it's worse because we can't talk or e-mail or chat online or anything, but still. you oughta get close-distance asap!

Carley Brown said...


What a perfect ending to your blog. I loved it. Lucky you, kissing a boy for the first time on New Years Eve. I'm glad you got to enjoy home.

I haven't blogged this holiday yet either. I've been to busy doing the same things you've mentioned.

I spent Christmas in 2008 alone, I'm glad 2009's Christmas was much much much better.

Have a Happy New Year Heather!

caitlyn brianne said...

I agree with you Heather! I won't buy skinny jeans but if/when I do I'll only wear them with boots! :) Glad you had a great Holiday!