Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey Girl,

Slow down. Deep breaths. One step at a time. Have a seat. Watch Oprah.

This might not ever look like you thought it would, what you hoped it would. But this is it. This is your life.

Today, you're tired. Aim for more sleep tonight.
Today, you're sore, you played hard yesterday.
Today, your body said, "Oy." Respect that.
Today, you're weary. It's okay to be weary.
Today, you're best might not look like it did a month ago, a year ago. This is your best today. This is what it is.

You can be gentle.
You can be kind.
You can walk a little slower.
You can say, "I don't know."
You can be late and not get everything done.
You can feel a little less-than.
You can enjoy the day for what it is.
You can resist the urge to control, to worry, to think too hard.
You can just be.

You're not losing time.
You're not losing hope.
You're not relationships.
You're not losing your identity.
You're not missing out.
You're not losing your life the longer you fight these demons. Life is this battle. Life is this struggle. This is what our lives are made of.

These questions you have no answers to won't go away the more angry you become. Your frustration with yourself only hurts you. You can't do this alone. Well, maybe you can. But in that way, you'll probably feel confident and happy in about 60 years, but by all means, go for it. I'd just recommend people, community, time, God, and healing.

Take your time.
Life isn't going anywhere.
It's right in front of you.



Hannah said...

This was beautiful and perfect for how I feel today.

Emily Star said...

dear heather!

my name is emily wilkens, i'm roommates with Trina Yeo. :) And you and I have other friends in common too, but i just wanted to say that I liked this post alot. I get super weary sometimes...and never let myself take naps...but yesterday...I said, "what the hell--(in my head)" and i took a three hour one...which left me super rested and feeling closer to a million bucks. :) thanks again for posting this. ~Emily