Friday, December 24, 2010

Sour Patch Kids

I remember growing up and thinking that anyone 3-15 years older than me was . . . the bomb.

Ever so closely I observed my older cousins; what clothes they wore, how they laughed, what they ate. They were regular objects of my admiration. They could do no wrong.

So even as ridiculously un-bomb-like I feel, I have a hunch that younger eyes watch me just as my eyes watched others. This is why when I'm home from college, I try to set up a date with my three younger cousins.

Today I drove an hour away to pick up my cousin Angie's daughters Oriel (9 years-old) and Cosette (5 years-old). Amazingly, I like these kids. Their kind, well-mannered, and don't whine too much when they don't get their way. Plus, they're just plain fun! So we loaded up and drove another hour to pick up the oldest, Destaney (13 years-old) who apparently very, very, very, very much strongly dislikes Justin Bieber and doesn't care the least bit that he was (rumor has it) thrown in jail recently for smacking a paparazzi.

With a car full of curly-tops we headed out on our adventure. About 8 minutes down the road, Oriel said, "I'm hungry." So we stopped at Subway for sandwiches. Upon arriving at the movie theater, the girls "needed" more food, so they stocked up on 2 extra large Slurpees, 1 box of Sour Patch Kids, 1 box of Raisinets, and 1 oversized bag of Skittles.

Finally in the movie theater, we settled in for . . . yes, it's true: "Yogi Bear". They loved it. They laughed and cheered and enjoyed every minute of it. Little Cosette jumped at all the "scary" parts in the PG-rated movie as she was eaten alive by the too-large theater seat that her small body couldn't hold down. She spent most of the movie with her butt sinking closer and closer to the floor and her feet up near her face. She ended up crawling into my lap when the (SPOILER ALERT) lumber company showed up to chop down all the trees in Jellystone State Park.

We recovered though and headed to the swimming pool which had 3 slides, a lazy river, water guns, fountains, the works. We had a blast. The older girls went off to explore and Cosette and I headed for the shallow pool. We played long and hard (or as long and hard as possible when you're 3.5 feet tall and sporting a neon colored life jacket that apparently gives a "humongous weeeeedgie!")

My favorite part of our adventure was at the end of the day when Cosette and I hung out in the lazy river. At one point I was her sea horsey and she rode on my back as we floated along. Then later she commanded, "Lay down."
So I floated on my back, watching for what she wanted next.
"No, put your head back."
"And relax your arms at your sides."

Now we were floating, me completely relaxed floating head first down the river, and her at my feet pushing me a long like a tug boat (complete with tug boat sounds). We must've gone around in circles at least 20 times as she gently led me through the water. She completely took charge and I gladly let her.

Today, a five year-old helped me slow down and breathe.
Today, Oriel gave me a purple and pink beaded necklace she made herself.
Today, a child took hold of my hand when we were crossing the street.
Today, I ate chips, caramel popcorn, and Sour Patch Kids for lunch.
Today, I told my cousins they are special and that I love them.
Today, I corrected Destaney when she said she was dumb.
Today, I was reminded that life can be more simple.

Today, three young girls looked up at me admiringly and it felt good.


Anonymous said...

you are so incredible.... incredible

my favorite part is in the theater. when the chair is eating Cosette.

you are a beautiful cousin.... beautiful