Monday, January 24, 2011

Haircutting 101

These scissors are called thinning shears.

See how they are different than regular scissors?

Yeah, instead of being a straight edge, they cut in an every-other-one kind of pattern. So you use them for cutting hair when you want to create texture or to thin out an area where the hair is most heavy.

Here's my advice: when you're cutting your hair, clearly mark the scissors, don't engage in conversation of any kind, and pay close attention to what you're doing because if you are not careful this will probably happen...

When I "thought" I reached for the thinning shears to lighten a particular area and only trim a few hairs, I actually reached for the regular shears which hacked a large chunk of hair to the ground that seemed to echo a loud THUD when it hit the tile floor.


Then, I laughed and took pictures.

And for the next year I will be parting my hair on the right side. Only.


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