Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sometimes I wish I were someone else.

Someone like LaQuisha.
Someone who "appears" to have it all together, though I know for a fact that she doesn't.
Someone who seems always one step ahead of me.
One love.
One skill.
One dress.
One smile.
One kind gesture.
(Damn, kind gestures)

I have this bad habit of migrating toward certain people's Facebook pages. I look at their pictures, what I imagine their life is like, and end up wishing mine were different.

My friend Sierra tells me, "It's not so bad to compare yourself to others, just compare yourself to the right people. I recommend people from high school who never grew up. Those are the people you should look up on Facebook!" She's wise.

We (and I mean "I") spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to the wrong people. Also, we tend to compare their best to our worst. True dat.

My friend Rachael called me today to say she had just finished my book.
She called to say she was proud of me.
She called to ask how I was doing.
She called to laugh.
She called to tell stories.
After we talked for 40 minutes, I felt like I had spent 37 of those minutes smiling/laughing so much my face hurt. It reminded me of a greeting card I sent her a few weeks ago. There's a few sheep on the cover. One of them has a bow tie around it's neck and it reads: "No one here thinks I'm funny."

I think Rachael may very well be the funniest person I've ever met.
Rachael thinks I'm the funniest person she's ever met.
It's a good thing we're friends.

Good people like Rachael remind me that I don't need to be someone else. Because if I were someone else, who would be the funniest person in Rachael's life?

No, I need to be me. If anything, so I can hear her cackle so freely and then catch her breath as she smiles on the other end of the telephone.