Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The Atlantic posted some incredible pictures of the earthquake in Japan only hours after it occurred.

But just enough that in a month or so we--most Americans--will all be over it.

The day of, I glanced through these pictures and began reading the comments at the end. Everyone sounded shaken. Desperate. Rocked. Their methods of expressing that were all so different:

"If I pray for the Japanese people will God be mad because I go against his wish (tsumami)?"

"I send my condolences to Japan. But am I crazy for thinking it's crazy that all of these people are sending prayers to Japan, when after all, it was their Christian God who leveled it in the first place???"

"Forget about the praying. This is nature and this is how it is. The Japanese know this and that's why it is such a great and wealthy country. Because the Japanese don't raise their arms to heaven and complain to the Lord; they immediately take a shuffle in the hand and clean up the mess and start over again. That's the Japanese spirit."

"After something like this happens, people are praying? I'm sorry, but that seems backwards to me."

"This is like Armageddon will be when God destroys all the wicked & churches that are not teaching about Gods government the, Kingdom of God, we all pray to come. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus cleaned out the heavens & now we pray for him to do the same on the earth. Amen."

"Really? proselytizing at a time like this? Tacky."

"God doesn't save people...strict building codes do."

"God Bless you all.... United States of America.. Mother Earth is very angry at us all. Massive and widespread catastrophes such as this will be worse and worse now until 2013. Is this the end??"

"They get it by fishing for sharks, for all marine exploitation and pollution that trigger these failures giant bunch of people ... this is called karma of nature..."

"The Japanese people are predominantly Buddhist, Shintoist, or both. Why would you pray to Jesus to help non-believers? Why would you not think this is their just deserts for denying god? The evidence of his concern for non-believers is everywhere. Every time he allows an African child to be raped and murdered, or a newborn girl in China to to be thrown into a river, His concern for the non-elect is made clear. He has none. Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." You should expect no help from Jesus in Japan, but don't worry, there's no evidence that Jesus has done anything for anyone for about 2000 years, so don't take it personally. Any positive effect a Christian attributes to his or her faith is simply the result of self-hypnosis. Good people will flood to your aid and rebuild your country. Some will believe in god. Some won't. It has nothing to do with it."

"One word...Godzilla"

"So obviously you must believe in God if you are blaming Him. But your anger is sadly misplaced. This happened because of the earth's Pacific Rim shifting, not from a vengeful God. Since He is a loving God He has watch over many. We should continue to ask His protection & care over those affected. Please reevaluate your anger- it robs you of a cherished relationship."

"May be now the Japanese will stop killing Whales. I'm having Sushi tonight and praying for Japan with each bite."

"This is geology not theology."

It's people like this, people who comment on on-line photographs and YouTube videos and anything else, who regularly make me wonder: why.

What exactly are these people trying to accomplish by duking it out on-line?
Who do they really think they are going to reach/convince by starting cat fights here?

If I've learned anything from on-line commenters, it is this: Using a bunch of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!! to emphasize a point, actually de-emphasizes whatever you just said and makes you look foolish. And thirteen.


Joe said...

Such commenters try to convince other people that they are right by using the Overruled Theory: if they talk louder and longer than the other person(s), their point of view is correct.