Sunday, May 8, 2011


May 4th arrived.
I finished final exams.
I packed my things.
I drove home.

It continues to amaze me how this transition from an academically-saturated environment to a family-potent one happens so easily. I suppose I feel at home in both.

Home reminds me of who I used to be.
How life was in the past.
My priorities.
The school I grew up in.
The Sonic where we regularly overdosed on Coconut Cream Pie shakes.
The grocery store with the same familiar faces.
Those things rarely change.

But the people inside this house?
We're always changing.
Us kids have ended up like-minded politically, where at times, I swore we'd never agree on anything.
Ten years ago I wouldn't have seen my brother and I getting along, nonetheless, enjoying each other's company.
I see my parents more as human beings the more I embark upon my 20s. I used to look at photographs of my parents: newly married, late twenties, making babies. And now that my twenties have caught me off guard, I realize, "They were just as lost and confused as I am now."

Some things stay the same.
Chris pokes fun.
Mom's not super techy.
Dad makes huevos rancheros.
When the family gets together we find our roles, and yet we constantly create new ones.

I consider myself blessed to have a family that mostly gets along.
We don't yell (we're only a bit Brazilian after all).
Some things try to get swept under the rug.
Other things get brought out into the open.
Some things really annoy me.
Other things surprisingly bring a smile to my face.
Like playing UNO with Nana when she just randomly throws cards on the pile assuming that it'll fly. Oh Nana.

We're not perfect and we don't have it all figured out. We're just as dysfunctional as any other. However I think recognizing and accepting that has made this work.

I often think of this in relation to my brother, Chris. I don't know who changed first? Was it him? Was it me? Or did we both just wake up one day and decide to give the other person a break? We get along better than we ever have. We're still quirky. We still annoy each other at times. But when I stopped focusing on everything I couldn't stand about him and found some common ground, it seems he did too. Maybe we both reached our twenties and just tired of acting like children. Either way: I'm grateful for change.

On weekends such as this we eat good food.
We sleep in.
We do yard work on Mother's Day (as is tradition).
We laugh.
We re-tell old stories.
We go for walks.

I got me a good family.

I like them a lot.

They are good for my soul.