Friday, June 3, 2011

More Rosie

If you have ever read this blog, you should probably just stop because Rosie Molinary is saying everything I want to say anyway.

My dietician showed me this blog, and I knew immediately that Rosie and I should be great friends.

A few highlights:

" 'Have you lost weight?'

There is a smile in her voice, an upbeat tone to her question. In her world, it’s a great question to ask a person. In my world, not so much. . . And I don’t know what to say. . . What are the right words to use when you fundamentally believe it’s absolutely inappropriate to mention anyone’s body size- no matter how you are mentioning it- and someone has just mentioned your body size to you in a way that she thinks will make you happy?

. . . The truth is that when we say to someone, “have you lost weight?”, what we are really saying most times is that we think that person looks great– maybe she seems happier, emotionally lighter, maybe she’s wearing a color that really complements her, maybe her eyes are lit from within with her inner-confidence or happiness, etc. When we say to someone “have you lost weight”, it is very rarely about the weight."

I wish Rosie would stop stealing the thoughts from my head and writing them with such grace and flow that I could only pray for. Oh well, I suppose it's people like Rosie Molinary and Brene Brown and Jean Kilbourne that give me hope that this (i.e. self-acceptance, grace, worthiness) is still worth talking about.
Getting angry and passionate about.
Getting involved with.
And living.


Anonymous said...

Just remember, there are people that care what you think that would never bother to read what Rosie writes. You are unique, original, and talented. God has great plans for you that only you can live. When you read work you admire, be inspired, encouraged, motivated--don't let it become a comparison game or let it belittle you.

Rosie said...

Heather, so nice to virtually meet you! I'm glad we've connected. Yes, indeed, it's worth talking about and if enough of us are talking about it and living it (or earnestly trying to live it) then the more likely that the world shifts. so keep making noise, getting angry and passionate, sharing, and spreading. I look forward to reading more of your journey.