Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is what's happened in the last month (not necessarily in sequential order):

-I flew to Tennessee
-I became an "official" lifeguard (thanks to Jeremy, who is LGI certified)
-I met a returned SM and listened to her tell me stories
-I stayed up until 2 a.m. talking with Emily Carlson about...everything
-I played Dare Base with over 100 screaming children
-I drank a Sonic cranberry limeade
-I ate Taco Bell at midnight
-I laughed with friends
-I am now the pool director at camp
-I got mad that I can't eat gluten and ate gluten anyway
-I got sick
-I laughed and joked with campers who are blind
-I was hit on by blind campers
-I sat indoors with 50 anxious campers waiting for the rain to stop
-I hit a cub camper in the face with a dodgeball
-I flew to Northern California
-I went to the Ghiradelli chocolate factory
-I sang Sara Groves with my best friend, Rachael
-I got to sing (and cry) her down the aisle for her wedding
-I visited the Redwood forest
-I played basketball with junior campers
-I resented wearing a swimsuit for 6 hours a day
-I called my sister
-I listened
-I learned
-I felt loved
-I was humbled
-I was accepted
-I was frustrated
-I was tired
-I was cranky
-I laughed
-I wrote a blog


kessia reyne said...

Sounds like you're living! which is a good thing to be :)

Emily Star said...

Out of the cave for a bit! Haha I am now in the cave of camp too. Maybe you should do that last thing on the list more often. :)