Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is Camp

This is my home for the summer. Camp.

This is the cabin where I live.

This is my bottom bunk with the blanket that my sister made for me. Cause she's gifted like that.

This is the boyfriend that I love.

This is where I work.

This is what I get paid to say all summer long.

This is the pump system that I will pay for with my summer earnings (and then some) if anything goes wrong. Oy.

These are the chemicals I dump into the pool that make the water "safe."

This is the mask I wear to handle the chemicals that I should not touch with bare hands or inhale, yet I swim in them every day.

This is the summer that may have dramatically shortened the length of my life, yet enhanced it greatly at the same time. Because nasty pool chemicals, plus being physically and emotionally exhausted, yet humbled and stretched has the tendency to have that effect.


Kylie said...

I love this because now I can picture you in your element whenever I think of you!

Anthony said...

Heather this is home for me. I have so many fond memories of ICC. I hope that you are having a fantastic summer. I pray for you guys and think of you guys often. Just the other day a friend of mine, Andrea Keele, sent me her dad's old staff manual from 1992 when he was pastor there. Ed and Wendy were listed as the assistant directors. It made me smile. God is so good. The manual was pretty cool.
Have a wonderful day.

Emily Star said...

It's so nice to see a piece of your world. :)

kessia reyne said...

Ah, I recognize that place! A beautiful geography packed with so many good memories from so many people. Almost sacred, I'd think, if there were a sliding scale for that sort of thing.

I hope you're enjoying the summer :)