Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fin De Semana Uno

This weekend, I went to my friend Tiffany's wedding. We've been friends since 5th grade. We've played basketball together before we could dribble. We crushed on boys before our hormones actually kicked in. And now she's met a boy from Argentina and they're getting married.

The wedding happened to be in Colorado which made me happy.

I made the road trip with my wonderful chauffeur of a boyfriend, Jeremy. He drove and I graded freshman English essays. But we got in late Friday night.

He's silly.

I also got to spend some "quality" time (48 hours) with my dear, dear friend, Rachael.

She's kinda silly, too.
Okay, so we both needed slips for our bridesmaid dresses. We decided we wanted to wear them right away. So we did.
Rachael makes my life...richer.