Sunday, September 18, 2011


I wrote a blog recently called "Twenty Months" about progress.
About healing.
And growth.
And change.
And movement.
In a good direction.
Toward wholeness.

Later that day, I walked to my friend, Kylie's, house.

"Heather," she said, "I just read your blog. I am SO proud of you! Can we jump up and down and cheer because I think this type of event is worthy of celebration."

And we did. And it felt good. We hooped and hollered and jumped on her kitchen floor in our socks until we felt we'd adequately celebrated.

And that "small" act mattered greatly to me. That "small" act said, "You matter. You're worth being proud of." She's just that kind of friend.

Ya know, the kind that celebrates with small (or large) accomplishments,
who texts just to say, "I'm thinking about you,"
who smiles abundantly and listens compassionately,
who seems to like you even though they know everything about you?

Yeah. That kind of friend.