Monday, October 24, 2011

I Can. I Will. I Am.

I can take deep breaths.
I can show this Monday who's boss.
I can be calm.
I can smile at difficult teenagers.
I can be patient with that student who forgot his homework. Again.
I can listen to what my students are saying.
I can maintain a sense of self even when it feels like these kids try so hard to tear it down.
I can nourish my body.
I can be wrong.
I can forget.
I can make mistakes.
I can ask for help.
I am good.
I am kind.
I am beautiful.
I am strong.
I am confident.
I am intelligent.
I am worthy. Damnit.

I need not make every student like me.
I need not be the student's number one favorite teacher.
I need not submit to their requests every time.
I need not feel bad when I can't meet all their needs.
I need not kill myself over this assignment or that deadline.

I am going to survive student-teaching.
I can give myself a break.
I can let go.
I can breathe.


Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job!

Joe said...

You are. And, like Morpheus said to Trinity in The Matrix, "You can make it."

PMCS said...

Yes, I can "do all things through Christ who gives me strength." He is faithful! (I had one of these Mondays, too.) :)