Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not Only

Part of my daily mantra goes something like this: "I am not only Ms. Bo. I am also a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a learner, a girlfriend, a skeptic, a writer, a musician, an athlete, and an artist. Student teaching is not my life it is part of my life."

Of all the reminders in my daily mantra, this seems to be the most important for me to remember.

It's important because these teachers and these students are not really my friends, and if I'm only Ms.Bo, than my relationships suck.

It's important because these teaching skills and lesson plans are not always perfect, and if I'm only Ms. Bo, than my talents are quite limited (and lacking).

It's important because these days are long and tiring and sometimes uninspiring, and if I'm only Ms. Bo, my life is quite bland.

But I'm not only Ms. Bo. I am more. And sometimes it's hard to remember that when I spend the bulk of my time in a temporary environment where I'm not always thriving. I need to remember I am not only Ms. Bo. There is life beyond student teaching.


Emily said...

I wish I had this mantra when I did student teaching. I'm pretty sure I could use reminding myself of this even now.