Saturday, January 21, 2012


Awhile back, two gals from the high school where I was student teaching asked if they could interview me for the school newspaper. I wrote a blog about how good it felt to have students take an interest in me as a human being.

Here's the final article. Here's the video.

I thought it was nicely done and I was happy to be included in it.

Yesterday, I was asked to sub at the high school where I did my student teaching. It was kinda strange being back. I woke up at the usual 6am (for the first time in...5 weeks), fell out of bed (groggily), packed my bag, and drove to school. I sat in the usual morning traffic, parked in my usual parking spot, made the usual trudge across the parking lot, and walked inside. From then on, nothing was usual.

I walked in the door and the same security who greeted me every day last semester seemed a little more warm, a little more endearing. He said he missed seeing me around and gave me a hug. Instead of walking to Ken's room, I headed in the opposite direction toward the gym because I was subbing for one of the P.E. teachers. Making my way, I passed by several students who pretended not to see me and others who smothered me in hugs: "MS. BO!" This made me glad.

It was such a relief to know that it would not be a regular day. I wouldn't be encountering the same students. I wouldn't be grading papers. I wouldn't be frantically pulling together a lesson plan before the students walked in the door. Oh no. Instead, I popped in a video for Health class, organized and monitored three hours worth of floor hockey, oh, and then I taught Zumba. That's right, I got paid to do that stuff.

And when I walked out the door, I brought no heavy textbooks, no papers to grade, no novels to read over the weekend, no 47 journals. Nope. I just walked out the door and drove home. And then I took a bath. Take that.

It was nice to go to school lighter. More myself and less my stressed counterpart. It was great to see my students and feel more like a special holiday and less like a dreaded Monday. To have work feel more like a temporary job and less like a lifelong commitment. More freedom and less weight.

Good to be back.
And okay to not be expected on Monday.