Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last week, Jeremy and I took a road trip to Tennessee. We did so because Southern asked me to come speak about eating disorders as part of their mental health speaking series. I was honored to come share (especially on their dime).

So we made the trip: seventeen hours across the country. In a car. Together. For seventeen hours (did I say that already?).

Actually, it went pretty fast. Road trips are fun. Especially with Adventures in Odyssey. And Jeremy.

We got to spend time with lots of good people:
like Amy and Jon Ronning who fed us non-road trip food (which was much needed)

and Jessica Hunt

and the Lewellen familia

and that was just the first two days....whew!

On Tuesday, we got to have breakfast at the Cracker Barrel with Frank and Euwayne (BMA buddies of Jeremy's). Then, I forgot to take a picture which made me sad.

We also got to see the lovely Beth Hartman and we made the journey to "the sock store" to score some cheap Smart Wools (but keep that on the down low).

Then, that night, I spoke for two girls' dorm worships at Southern Adventist University about eating disorders and disordered-eating.

On Wednesday, we got to have lunch with Lance and Sophie and Euwayne (and Quincy, though not pictured).

We had a bit of downtime for me to work on that night's talk at Panera (where I am sure that any day now they'll catch on to the gluten-free trend).

Then, for dinner we met up with the wonderfully quirky Sutton family for Mexican food.
From dinner, we scurried back to Southern where I was speaking for joint worship (guys and gals) about authenticity. After that, we met up with Michael, Jessica, and James for a late night run to Wendy's for Frostys and French fries.

Thursday, I spoke at Collegedale Academy for their chapel. It went well and later that afternoon we went to McKays used book store (which is really a warehouse of wonderfulness). Later for dinner, we met up with James, Ryan, Mariela, Andy, Michael, and Jessica at The Yellow Deli.

If you're ever in Chattanooga, this is a must-see and a must-eat. When you walk in it feel like you just stepped into a hobbit pub. They make awesome sandwiches, soups, and drinks.

I can't believe this kid used to be shorter than me (and eight years-old).

Afterward, we played poker at Ryan's.

And what better way to play sneakily than with tanning goggles hiding your eyes.

And what better post-game reward than a pile of pocket change and a "Celebratory Poker Log" (banana, peanut butter, and M&Ms).

On Friday morning, we left early for our next (and last) speaking appointment at Sunnydale Academy in Missouri. It was a long ten hours in the car. We stopped in St.Louis to be tourists momentarily and rolled in to Sunnydale relieved to be out of the car for the day. We had haystacks with Matt Evens and I spoke for vespers. Then we found out there was a huge-mungous snowstorm headed through the mid-west, so we got back in the car and rumbled into L-town at 3am.

The next morning, we were glad that we came home when we did.

It's good to be home.


EMILY STAR said...

Fun pictures and I like Jeremy's Mohawk! Haha

Anonymous said...

Best time in Jan. 2012 ever!!

The word have to type in the box to publish this message is love. Very fitting.


brit said...

Yay I know Jessica and Michael {Weaver and Bean right??} and.. my aunt and uncle work at Sunnydale ... beautiful small Adventist world. LOVE the Yellow Deli too :)