Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Child

Dear Child,

Welcome back to camp life. You've done this before. Remember the long days and the early mornings? Remember the energy of kiddos and the drain of repetition? Yeah, you do. Because you've been here before. Don't be surprised. Welcome back.

I know you've been feeling fragile, unsure, cautious. You're in a new place with new people. You don't  feel stable or secure. This feeling of discomfort? This feeling connects you to the other 80% of the world that is probably feeling much the same way. You're not alone. You're actually in the majority. Take heart knowing that there are more people feeling the exact same way than less.

Helga's been sneaking back in. But you're not surprised are you? She always rears her ugly head when you're feeling vulnerable. We've been here before.
You feel crummy, Helga takes one step forward.
You feel insecure, Helga starts whispering.
You feel worthless, Helga's moved in.

She's a jerk. But she need not win. Keep Helga out of the picture where she belongs. Remember, you are perfect. You are loved. You are good.

It's okay to feel slow.
It's okay to feel unexcited.
It's okay to feel sad.
It's okay to feel lonely.
Whatever you're feeling, it's okay.

You are good.
You are loved.
You are funny.
You are kind.
You are spirited.
You are inspiring.
You are wise.

You can do this.
You are doing this.

Carry on.



Kylie said...

You are loved.
You are valued.
You are talented.
You are a gift.
You are joy.
You are energy.
You are honest.
You are genuine.
You are gentle.
You are willing.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.