Saturday, June 23, 2012


There is something about familiarity.
A safe embrace.
A favorite couch.
Dad's waffles.
The faces of friends.
Lived-in jeans.
Sleeping in until 9:30am in your own bed.
A road traveled many times that always leads home.

There is also something about the unknown.
The thrill.
The newness.
The adventure.
Meeting new people.
Trying something for the first time.
Visiting places that you've never seen before.
Waking up groggy at 5:45am and taking on the day.
Breaking tradition.
Taking a path you've never taken that could lead far from home.

There is something about familiarity.
And there is something about the unknown.
Both important.
Both necessary.
One gives comfort.
The other gives adventure.
One requires letting go.
The other requires bravery.
One enables warmth and sinking-in.
The other enables energy and thrill.

A life of familiarity is a life unlived.
A life of unknowns is a life of stress.
We need both.
I need both.

This season finds me living more in the unknown than the familiar.
My gut urges, "Run away! It's too hard. This is uncomfortable."
My heart encourages, "This is exactly what you need. You can do this."

So today, I am grateful for the unknown. I am grateful for everything that isn't clear to me. I am pushed and challenged by this season of change and newness. I am blessed by the gifts of both familiarity and the unknown.

I want to thrive here.

I can thrive here.