Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let Us Lay in the Sun

So, today, I had the thought: I'm done. It's been a crazy twelve weeks. Must we really go thirteen?

After having this thought, the remainder of the day looked gloomier, darker, ugh-er. The mind is a powerful thing and because we still have a week left, I want to get through it with all the joy and optimism I can muster.

I will count every beautiful thing I see.

Hayden Lake.
Little blond boy camper who gives me hugs.
Meeting one of the 1844 founder guys. He's a family camper this week.
Wednesday night's sunset. Probably the prettiest I've seen all summer.
Air conditioning.
The staff quartet who sang us a love song.
Jeremy taking me on a fancy date. To the top of a mountain.
A good run.
Legs. Eyesight. Hearing. Taste. Arms. A heart. Lungs. Skin.
Money in the bank.
The future.
Good people.
A camper this week with autism who brightens my day with her dance.
Random texts of encouragement from my Dad.
Getting mail. Via the U.S. Postal Service.
Sleeping in.
Hula hoop competitions.
Fresh, clean air.
A pretty new skirt.
Newly shaved legs and clean bed sheets.
Blind camp coming tomorrow.
Knowing that we will find some kind of normal (outside of camp) soon.