Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Utah Afternoon in August

We drove away from camp on Wednesday morning. We traveled late into the night and early into the morning across the deserts of southern Idaho and Utah. We decided to stay for two days in Moab, Utah. Jeremy found a sweet little cabin for us and we got to see some incredible sights.

It was hot.

But our cabin was nice and cool. Whew.

As we were driving toward Moab, Jeremy and I had a conversation about writing and music and inspiration. Long-story-short, by the time we reached Moab, I had been assigned to write a poem. No exceptions. One poem by the end of the day. He's good to me like that. 

A Utah afternoon in August
heat that cracks the stony ground
heat that makes decent people anxious
heat that turns the whole desert brown and red

Mesas and mountains standing where they've stood
long before my time
size that towers the tallest trees
size that makes us feel small
size that welcomes us to linger a little longer

The Colorado River winds its powerful current
strength that slices through rock
strength that makes us move downstream
strength that teaches us to be persistent

So we embark on our journey
we tread over sizzling rocks
that moan with the ache of heat
and we climb nearer to the sun.

We stand in awe at what each corner reveals
and sit and listen to the nothing that's waiting for us there.
The sun drops lower in the sky granting relief
and we walk home remembering where we've been.

Windows down,
music up,
bodies tired,
eyes open.

Driving canyons and walls of rock
the moon arrives to bring us night
and reassures us, like all the others this day,
"You are small. The earth is big. Let us hold you."


Emily said...

"strength that teaches us to be persistent"

Mm... love that.

Kylie said...

You have a gift. Thank you for creating these beautiful thoughts for the rest of us to breath in.