Monday, September 17, 2012

Four Month Anniversary

After camp was over for the summer, Jeremy and I were the last to leave. The campers were gone. The food was gone. The staff were gone. All that was left was the lake, the trees, and several abandoned buildings. We rolled down the windows, drove out the lake road for the last time, and headed for Colorado.

Hitting the road was like starting over. We had no agenda. No meetings. No pressing emotional conversations. Just us. In the truck. Driving.

After a few days, we landed in Colorado at a friend's wedding. Weddings are such a great opportunity to see friends who have grown apart geographically. We walked in the door and dear friends who haven't seen us since the wedding cheered, "Congratulations!" That was it. All they said was "Congratulations". And that's all I needed. I walked out the door with tears in my eyes because that's all I needed. For someone to be happy for us--besides us--and it felt so good.

It's strange going to weddings right after your own. You think of them differently. You feel them differently. We whispered our own vows to each other again and danced late into the night.

This chapter of life hasn't look at all as I thought it would. I thought we'd be settled by now with at least a few job leads, but none of that has happened. Yet. For now, we're enjoying our time at home and figuring out what to do next.

Our four-month anniversary came and went on Thursday. We were too busy job-hunting and running errands to do much to celebrate. But frankly, I don't mind at all. Because the last month of quality time with my husband, laughter, and late nights spent with people we love, is plenty enough celebration for me.

Oh, and here's some random music that has been brightening our days lately. Maybe it will brighten yours too. Have you heard Imagine Dragons? You should.


EMILY STAR said...

This song is amazing! Thanks!