Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Words

My friend, Emily Wilkens, is good with words. And photography. And love. And adventure. And other things too. Here are some of her recent thoughts from her blog that make me go, "Oh, Emily..."

circle of breath.

Let a breath leave your body for once.
Let it go without promise of repayment.
Do not expect it to return.
If you can, give up all of your reserves.
And when your lungs are as empty as rocks,
when you've trusted your body to go
through the valley of the shadow of exhaling,
you will be able to take everything in.
The circle of breath will come back around.


It's been coming like honey,
dragging its sweet feet the whole way here.


It tilts my heart towards believing--
the sky I mean, 
when it throws its net over our heads
and holds our breath in prison
for a sight, or seven changing ones;
pink, alive, electric, holy, and right--
right there, under our noses,
every eve, every time
we think we've seen them all.


EMILY STAR said...

Wha???? My words made it to your blog?! Yeowsa! Thanks, Heather. :) But I am always coming over here to read YOUR words! I am sending you my best wishes this morning. <3 Emily