Friday, October 5, 2012


Familiar feels good. And familiar has seemed a long time coming. Much has felt unfamiliar: Student teaching. Engagement. Lack of job. Wedding planning. Speaking trips. Wedding. Marriage. Death. Moving. New people. New places. Moving. Job hunting. Apartment hunting. Purpose hunting. Oy.

But now we're back where we started in a town that encourages change, yet stays recognizably the same. Even if it's been a few months, I can still find my way home. I can still bump into familiar faces. I can still feel safe.

I realize that to self-proclaimed "adventurers" and "thrill-seekers" familiar is the last place a person should want to be. "Life begins," they say, "just beyond your comfort zone." I agree that some of life begins when we're uncomfortable, but thank God, not all of it. Because I've been uncomfortable. I've stretched my limits. I've felt the prickliness of new things and new places. And soon enough, I will again. Life guarantees change and uncertainty. But for now, this is working for me. For now, this is what I need, and I'm okay with that.

Sure, we have no jobs.
Sure, we don't know where we'll be in a year.
And some of this is uncomfortable. Yes.
But we have each other, food in the cabinets, and money in the bank.
This is as sure as it's been for awhile and I am grateful.


Anthony said...

This is good to hear. Even the most daring adventurers, thrill seeking people, adrenaline junkies have a rhythm, a base camp, a home.