Friday, October 12, 2012

Until the Straw Sputters

One of the first questions acquaintances ask is: "What do you do for work?"
One of my least favorite questions the last six months is: "What do you do for work?"

After our summer at camp, Jeremy and I have spent a good amount of time job hunting, talking to people we know, making phone calls, all in the hopes of getting a job. Ya know, to make we can live. The search has felt dry lately. Unproductive. Hopeless.

I've always kinda, sorta had this strange unquenchable desire to be a barista: to meet people, make them yummy caffeinated beverages, and listen to NPR all day long. I figured this kind of set-up would be ideal, got an interview and felt pretty confident that I'd get hired on Friday (when they said they'd call). But the deadline came and went. Bummer. And then Monday happened.

On Monday morning, I got a call from a medical receptionist clinic asking for me to come in on Tuesday with my resume. Yay. Regular work. Decent pay. Uniform: scrubs (a.k.a. pajamas). What could be better?

On Monday afternoon, I got a call from an elementary school I had interviewed with three weeks before and also hadn't heard back from. Another dead end. Or so I thought. They acquired more hiring "points" over the weekend and wanted to offer me the job.

Long story short, I felt totally overwhelmed by all these good things. Apparently, I'll complain about no job offers and I'll complain about two job offers (aren't we finicky mammals?). I knew I wanted the easier job: the job that involved adults and answering phones (and pajamas). But after much debate, and leaving a message for my counselor to call me back and help me out with this decision NOW, I took the elementary school job. And while I was on the phone accepting the job she called me and left me a voicemail: "I just got your message. What's up?"

Two hours later, I got a call from the barista job. The job I wanted. Saying they'd hire me. Now. Too late.

I'm keeping the elementary school job. Because while I have absolutely nothing theological to say about "God's will", I'm pretty sure that most things work out how they're supposed to. Not like everything's pleasant. Not like it's always pretty. But usually, things just work out. So I took a cue from the presence of some pretty "awful" timing the last few days, resisted the urge to call the school and say, "Yeah, I'd rather be a barista," took a deep breath, and decided this was exactly where I needed to be right now.

So, now I am back in education. I'm a special education para-educator at an elementary school in town (elementary school...wha...what?!). I'm working with k-5th grade students with aspbergers, autism, and physical disabilities. They are a hoot. A handfull. But a hoot. I'm in this moment. Learning what I've been put here to learn. And moving forward.

Where I need to be next month may be different. Each moment is a season. A time when we can learn all that moment has to offer. Drink it dry. Until the straw sputters with nothing left to swallow. And move forward. A little better. Wiser. Stronger.


Shelbi Danielle said...

I know I don't know anything, but I have to say, I think you are going to be absolutely FANTASTIC at this new job! You are going to change lives, Ms Bo. You really are. Go get 'em! Love ya! :)

Bryan H said...

Congrats on finding a job :)

If you ever want to teach English again, I know a certain school that is always (often) looking for English teachers...

Congrats again!

Anthony said...

This brings me peace and courage all at once.

EMILY STAR said...

Excited for you Heather. You know what brought me to your blog today? Because I had a rough day and the words that went through my brain was the title of your book. And I thought, I'm gonna come drop that girl a line. I'm pumped for you. Love Emily

Anonymous said...

I am really proud of you, and excited for your new adventure. The road to the summit is not an easy one. I believe God knew what He was doing when they came at you in that order. Yay for jumping in and working with those who desperately need the sunshine you can bring.