Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dear Twenty-Five,

It's great to see you. It's good to be gifted this day that I am still breathing, still experiencing, still learning, still alive. Thank you.

The gift of regular writing is a well-documented past: the opportunity to look back and say, "Oh my," or "Oh wow," or "Holy cow!" That's what I do on my birthdays. I look back to past birthday posts from 2007 through this day and see growth and change and progress. It's good for my soul.

In 2007, I wrote from a dark and lonely place in Cambodia.
In 2008, I wrote about the sad side of birthdays and half-hearted well-wishes.
In 2009, I wrote of my expectations for what I thought twenty-two would look like.
In 2010, I wrote of progress and change and the fragility of life.
In 2011, I wrote of optimism about the future, perspective, and gratefulness.

And now, as we've acquired twenty-five years on planet earth, I see a theme in the last year or so:
learning and believing that I am stronger than I thought. 

I survived child hood. And let's be honest, middle school's a doozy.
I survived high school and will gratefully never return ever again.
I battled an eating disorder. And won.
I journeyed to Cambodia, lived, learned, and moved forward.
I wrote a book.
I earned a college degree.
I got married.
I'm rockin' this thing called "adulthood."

Yes, twenty-five, that's quite a lot for a quarter century.
I'm stronger than I thought.

And moving forward, growing up, and moving on seems less scary, less tumultuous, and less depressing than twenty-one, twenty-two, or twenty-three could've ever known.

So I'm grateful for you, twenty-five:
for the recognition that I'm stronger than I thought
for the knowledge that it's going to be all right
for the perpetual journey toward self-acceptance
for the realization that I need not be perfect, only whole.

Thank you, twenty-five.

Much love and gratitude,


Carley Brown said...

I haven't blogged in four months. And I love to write. This is a stark reality for me. I'm somewhat envious of the fact you have so much documented to look back on because it's great to see growth in your own life and progress through the expression of words. I hope you had a really great birthday, and I love your list of accomplishments. Happy Sabbath!