Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Six Month Anniversary (oh, and five month, too!)

Today, Jeremy and I have been married for six months. And as I look back at the other few anniversary posts of marriage thus far, I see that I can almost always find something to be worried about. Stressed about. Concerned with. Overwhelmed by.

On our one month anniversary, I was reeling from adjusting to life at camp.
At two months, I was concerned with helping Jeremy feel loved.
At three months, I was stressed that we didn't get much time together.
At four months, I was unsure about the future and where we'd go next.
On our five month anniversary, I apparently forgot to write a blog.

This day is no different from the past six months.

Today, in this season of our lives, I'm working days and Jeremy's working nights. It's rough. We're struggling to find time together. To see each other more than just in passing. Our latest argument involved Thanksgiving plans. Our latest fears involve--surprise!--the future.

Taken by Cody McCabe
But, if I've learned anything at all--from writing, from reflection, or from a good memory--every heartache is a season. They always pass. Like our mothers told us they would. And I know for a fact that Thanksgiving will come and Thanksgiving will go, and when it's all over, we'll find something new to disagree on. And then that will be the world's greatest problem. Ever. Until the next one.

Last night, Jeremy and I reminisced about the favorite moments of our wedding day. The best picture that was captured (FYI: we both agreed on the one above). The moment we saw each other. The second that it clicked that we were actually married. All the memories. We talked about our favorite moments of the past six months. What surprised us. What was expected. What was hard. What was fabulous.

And we decided that six months feels really good. We have jobs. We have an apartment full of love and wedding gifts bestowed on us by supportive families and friends. We have money in the bank and health in our bodies. We've learned a lot and we're growing a lot. But six months feels good.

And thirty days from now, at month seven of married life, I hope we'll be stronger and wiser and calmer and even more deeply satisfied at all the good around us.