Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This Is It

What does marriage mean to me?

It means having two people to do the dishes.
It means sometimes feeling like there is only one person doing the dishes.

It means being head-over-heels crazy in-love with this guy.
It means being outrageously irate to the point of tears when we disagree.

It means always having your best friend nearby.
It means being stuck in close quarters whether or not you want company.

It means being surprised when he puts the toothpaste on my toothbrush.
It means getting upset when I use the wrong toothbrush at 6am.

It means having a hand to hold walking down the street.
It means learning to walk the same speed.

It means building a home that is all our own.
It means disagreeing on how a home should look.

It means having a joint bank account.
It means talking about "budgets." Argh.

It means spending our first Christmas together.
And him having to work on Christmas.

It means setting Christmas gift price limits.
And then both blowing them.

It means planning the perfect surprise.
And then him having to work late.

It means deciding that our Christmas will be on Thursday this year.
And being just as excited for the faux-holiday as the real deal.

It means getting the cold. Again.
And him still wanting to hug my snotty-self.

It means taking it one day at a time,
and sometimes both loving and hating the journey on the same day.

It means euphoria and disappointment.
It means adventure and routine.

It means taking small sips of this delightful moment
and regularly acknowledging:
This is it.
We're doing it.
And we're doing really well.


C.Guty said...

Beautiful! Much love to you and J :)

EMILY STAR said...

That sounds so fun. :) I love the list!

Tina said...

That does sound like fun. Miss you and Jeremy. Hope all is well and you both have a wonderful New Year!