Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Caroline Myss

I was blessed by a recent O magazine article in which Oprah interviewed a gifted intuitive, Caroline Myss, a teacher, thought leader, and mystic. Here's what she has to say:

"I'm not born to have a personality. I'm here to have a spirit. Each of us is born with a purpose for being alive."

A sacred contract is a "spiritual document that our soul recognizes...You know how we say things like 'I just have to be true to myself?' What does that mean? Great people always say, 'There's something I was meant to do.' That knowingness is what the soul understands. You have fundamental agreements that you simply feel. You can't put your finger on them because they reveal themselves to you within the context of your life through coincidence, synchronicity, and obligations you can't get out of. Together, these things form the whole of your sacred contract."

People are confused about their reason for being here:
"Because they define their life by what they want versus what they have. People get fixated on something and they have to have it, even though that voice inside tells them it's not meant for them. They want their reason for living to be a singular thing, like a career or a relationship, because this makes an individual feel secure in the physical world. We don't fare well in the realm of the invisible--so telling someone that their purpose is multilayered and includes the arduous journey of discovering who they really are is not always the answer they want to hear."

We don't find our purpose. We've always had one. "Have no judgements about your life. No expectations. Give up the need to know what happens tomorrow. Just be fully present and appreciate all that is in your life right now."

"Expectations are usually predicated on the idea that the everyday things that happen to ordinary people shouldn't happen to you. People hold the idea of being ordinary in absolute contempt, so when they face an illness, poverty, or any kind of catastrophe, they say, 'I can't believe this happened to me.' And who did you think it was going to happen to--the woman across the street?"