Friday, January 18, 2013

Eighteen Days

Dear Child,

Today, it's January 18th. Oh, the things you didn't know on the first day of 2013! Amazing, isn't it? How things happen so quickly. How feelings change. How the world. Just. Keeps. Spinning.

You were sick.
Then healthy.
Doctor's appointment.
Scary news.
Flirting with moving overseas.
Your mom fell on ice and broke her pelvis.
Your grandmother ceased breathing and died.
Your sister celebrated another birthday.
Your dear friend is moving to Nepal.
Celebrating friends.
A co-worker reaches out to you in heart-felt ways.
Another doctor's appointment.
Better news.
That phone call.
That volleyball game.
That realization that your trust was misplaced.

And that's only eighteen days in. You can look at this list and fear the next eighteen days.

Will someone else die?
Will the tests come back positive?
Will she or he abuse your kindness?

Or you can look at this list and move forward with audacious optimism that the good you've encountered thus far will surely multiply and grow exponentially.

Yes, you get to choose how you will react to this world that just keeps spinning.

I know you'll choose well.
I know you'll take deep breaths.
I know you'll hold your head high.
Even if only after your spirit sulks quite low.
The point is that your head will come back up.

Because I know this to be true. Because you, my dear, are a human sparkler. You've got energy and life and good vibes. You bring hope and safety and peace. You will make it through another 18 days (and many more) and you will not know how you did it.

But the point is that you will do it. And I will be proud. Just as I am now.