Sunday, January 13, 2013

From My Window

This world is a big place.
Lots of people
and ideas
and places to go
and ways to be seen
and things to cook
and things to eat
and things to enjoy
and explore
and learn about
and discover
and wear
and drive
and play with
and create
and love
and hate
and feel
and be completely and totally overwhelmed by.

My brain navigates the world like
a Rolodex
a filing cabinet
pulling pertinent information
(and there's so much information)
to think
to share
and add to the conversation.

And I get tired and exhausted and worn-out and used up.
But not always.

Some Saturdays are

These types of days remind me
that I'm whole.

That I have ideas to share
and I make damn good pancakes.

That my world won't shrivel up and die
without my controlling every piece of it.

That there is time to dream
and be content and unafraid.

That there is a place for wasting time
for good conversation
for a warm place to sit and think
for snuggling
for drifting
for pondering
for slowing. the heck. down.

Because while the world is big
days like this make it seem smaller
more manageable
more contained
boiled down to the necessities
to the sweetest parts

where from my window I can see
the world outside
that needs not my attention at all.