Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moving On

So...that just happened.

That thing that makes me want to scream at kids and say, "You are being ridiculous?!"

But now it's over.
And yet it's not over.

Because somehow it still lingers in my hastened heart beat.
It still permeates my tense skin.
It still leaves me on edge.
At risk of taking 15-minutes-ago frustration out on a completely different kid.

That moment is now in the past.
As much as I want to drag it around all day
to exact revenge on the universe for aligning my day in this way,
and take out my frustration on every person who crosses my path,
I won't.

I know better.
Thus, I do better.

I'm moving on.
I'm taking a deep breath.
I'm looking forward.
I'm taking one step at a time.
In this moment.
At this time.

Which is sometimes the hardest thing to do.
But I am built for hard.

So, I'm moving on.