Sunday, April 28, 2013

Techies Unite!

According to Blogger, the amount of page views on my blog since its birth is: 33,333. This seemed significant enough to write about. I mean, how often do all of those numbers align?

But I'm skeptical. Not just of that number but many others I have access to via my blog. If you contribute to a blog, you have access to what's called the Stats, which offers an overview of your blog "by the numbers." I'm not in the business of making blogging my profession, so usually I don't pay much attention to it. But sometimes, I'll notice if a particular blog grabbed more people's attention than usual and there's a spike on the little line graph. But if I think too hard about it, I go to a weird place where I start becoming concerned with what I "should" write and then I begin wondering who--other than my mother--is reading this blog.

The Stats tell me that someone is. In fact, here's what they say:

-My top three most read blogs were...
"Why Our Government Should Not Be Christian" (492 pageviews)

"Tossing the Garter"


-The heaviest traffic on this blog was in October of 2012 (which was when I posted "Why Our Government Should Not Be Christian") and that amounted to 5,450 page views in a couple days

-And most interestingly, Blogger tells me that my audience page views are coming from... 
United States (26,000)
Canada (1,176)
United Kingdom (1,086)
Russia (925)
Australia (606)
Germany (330)
Cambodia (221)
Latvia (94)
Peru (90)
India (86)

Can somebody decipher this for me? These numbers can't be right, right? Could there just be robot drones mechanically surfing the web in these countries and this gives of the appearance of page views from these other countries?

I'm not invested in these numbers and you won't demolish my ego by giving me your thoughts. So please, if you have any knowledge or information about this blogosphere, fire away.

What is the validity of these numbers?


David Muth said...

I'm an occasional reader from Cambodia :)

Heather said...

Thanks, David. That helps!

David Muth said...

You're welcome.

Heather said...

My latest opinion leans toward the drone robots...

David Muth said...

Why? You have a lot of friends and you wrote a book! I'm sure those are most of your blog readers.

Bryan H said...

I'm reading in Macau!

It's simple, I think...people Google things...often ideas which they hold to or want validation of.

If I Google "our government should not be Christian," your page comes up as the first result.

If course, Google does personalize search results a little, but...I have found other blogs by searching for a certain topic. Page views can come that way...