Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Last week, Jeremy and I flew to Mexico where we met up with friends and family to celebrate my brother's wedding. We went from super-busy, kid-devoted time to slow-paced, down time. We went from kid-centered to adult-centered lives. We went from rugged to luxury.

It was a quick five days that I wish could've lasted longer. And I didn't realize how much my soul needed this until we got back.

I needed to spend time with my husband.
I needed to sleep in.
I needed to slow down and have someone else take care of the cooking.
I needed to see my family.
I needed to see my sister.
I needed to be taken care of.

Summer camp takes a lot out of me. I give and give until I'm dry.

This trip reminded me to take time to appreciate all that my body does.
To breathe deeply.
To savor time with Jeremy.
To be kinder to myself.
To appreciate good people even when they are far away.
To take time to restore my spirit so I'm not so empty.


Kylie said...

Mmmm. I'm so glad. You and that precious soul of yours needed some good R&R!

EMILY STAR said...

Self-care is not selfish care. :) Good reminder, and that sounds like such a nice trip!

KendraKay at said...

Yea, for grown-up time! It literally saves me as a mom. I don't know HOW you do camp!!