Sunday, July 21, 2013

To Korea, With Love

I'm pretty sure that I'm running from someone or something.

Because it's difficult to sit still.
I move quickly.
I avoid staying in one place for too long.
I can't relax.
I want to eat but I'm not hungry.
I want to call a friend, but I have no idea what I'd say.
I don't want to be around people.
I have lots of lists.
I'm walking in circles.
There's so much to think about but I can't do anything with those thoughts.
So I just linger.
And feel unsettled.

Truth says, "Tell me what's on your heart."

Jeremy and I are moving to South Korea in a month. We started the application process back in December when we were plotting our next move. We want to pay off college debt and this seems like a good time to travel before we get a mortgage or a gene pool. We will be teaching English for a 12 months. We're about 48% terrified and 52% excited. I think that's probably normal, but that doesn't make it any easier to sleep at night.

We have one more week at camp. One more week of people we like and an environment that is, for the most part, a good place for us. We'll be leaving people and boat rides and Capture the Flag behind. We'll drive back to Colorado to get our feet under us, book our flight, and get on that plane!

Two weeks doesn't feel like enough to prepare, but that's what I've got. Part of me wonders if this is a really bad idea and part of me thinks that if we don't do this now, we never will. That if it weren't scary, every one would do it. And the fact that not every does such a thing is what makes it such a great adventure.

I need not spend the next three weeks walking in circles fretting about things beyond my control. So instead, I will:
-take deep breaths
-do Zumba
-go swimming
-get some sunshine
-play Ultimate Frisbee
-spend time with good people
-have fun with my husband
-avoid Pinterest
-and savor these last few days


Anthony said...

When you pass through Colorado, stop by Glacier View Ranch and spend some time here hanging out. It would be nice to see you guys, even for a little bit.

Heather said...


Kylie said...

I'm proud of you. This is a big thing. You've never moved to Korea before, so there's no way you could have it all figured out.

Hold onto those things that bring you peace, and remember that after that you can only do your balanced best. I'm cheering for you and happy to support and help however I can, dear friend.