Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Corn Flakes

I forgot how very exhausting it is to adjust to a new place. May it be a dorm room, a church, a town, or--in our case--a country.

From what little I know three days in, Korea is:
A busy place
A devoted place
A productive place
A community-oriented place
A pretty place
A friendly place
An advanced place
A highly modern place
A highly traditional place

The good news is that in spite of all of these new things, I've slept a lot better since our first night in Korea. That first night left me feeling hopeless and scared, but since then I've rested much more peaceably. Hallelujah!

This morning Jeremy and I got our butts out of bed to go for a run. We trolled along the campus roads, the soccer field, near the temple, across from the fountains and statues and giggled to ourselves --as we seem to do a lot of here--"blah ha ha! We're running in Korea reciting Korean vowel sounds!" Constantly adding to the list of things we never thought we would do.

To top it all off, I got to eat corn flakes and fruit salad for breakfast! Score!

Counting our blessings.


KendraKay at havemercyblog.com said...

So happy for you!

Ashley Barber said...

I'm so happy there's giggling in your days :)

Alicia said...

:D I love reading your honest accounts and I love YOU TWO!!! What you are doing makes me very happy for you. Facing fears is no small thing. And it makes me happy that there are 'up' moments to counteract the 'down' moments. Praying for you.