Friday, August 16, 2013

Onward to Korea

Tomorrow--at 4 am--we leave for Korea. 
Well, first Denver, then L.A., then Korea. We've got a long journey ahead of us.

The material parts of our lives are in boxes and Rubbermaid tubs, suitcases and storage units. Everything has a place and a label. The dishes and kitchen appliances are wrapped snuggly in newspaper. Our clothes are sealed off from pests and rodents. Hopefully. Important documents and papers are safely stowed in a filing cabinet.

Two suitcases and two trunks are filled to the brim with clothing, books, electronics, and other non-negotiables for a year spent in Korea. If you ask me, we're leaving behind far too much. If you ask Jeremy, we could probably get by on even less

We're planning. 
We're stowing. 
We're packing.

And surprisingly, we've got it all done. It's odd to have your whole "life" packed up in a few suitcases. And it's interesting to consider all the other stuff we're leaving behind. And it makes me wonder, if we could do without it for a year, does that mean we could simply do without?

Traveling is a good time to simplify, to toss, to reflect, and to move forward. 
And that is just what we are doing. 

Jeremy and I will both be blogging here in the coming year for all of our adventures in Korea. 
Please read along. 
Send up some prayers. 
Some positive thoughts. 
And some mail. 

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Much love,
Heather and Jeremy