Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Performers in Korea

We've seen some pretty cool things since we landed in Korea. People. Food. Landmarks. Artistry. Moving robotic mannquins dressed as construction workers. You name it. Here are a few. This taekwondo performance was part of our orientation last week. We got to watch them before various stunts and choreographies. So cool. We even got to do some taekwondo of our own. I didn't know that taekwondo originated in Korea. Nor did I know how liberating it would be break those piece of wood in half.
 Our orientation field trip took us to Seoul where we were able to see the Royal Palace. Apparently, the original palace was demolished during the Japanese occupation, but they rebuilt this in commemoration. This was some sort of guard ceremony at the front gate. It kind of reminds me of the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz: "Oh wee oh, ohhh." Last, and certainly my favorite of all, was the Five Drum performance. So cool to see these ladies doin' their magic with these drums. What a work-out. I'm also unsure how they did all that while smiling the. entire. time.


Ashley Barber said...

For some reason the videos wouldn't play for me but I liked your descriptions nevertheless! :)